Christian Smith & John Selway ‎- Total Departure


Christian Smith (Sweden) & John Selway (USA), Cirez D (Sweden)

Christian Smith & John Selway ‎– Total Departure - Vinyl

Style: Techno

1. Total Departure (Original Mix)
2. Total Departure (Cirez D Remix)

Released: May 2008
Label: Drumcode


Shane54 December 10, 2008
“This is it. If you’re looking for that special 2008 track that doesn’t develop any melody (apart from those wonderfully strange little noises in the background and the wobbling bassline), has a feel like Audion’s 2006 masterpiece “Mouth to Mouth” to it (they actually even mix together rather well) and that starts techy and unsuspecting and develops into ab-so-lute carnage, look no further than the Cirez D remix of this gem…” 




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