Henry Saiz – Lady In The Mirror (Meditteranean Haunted Beach Version)

Natura Sonoris

Henry Saiz (Spain)

Lady In The Mirror (Meditteranean Haunted Beach Version)

Style: Electronica, Downtempo, Deep

Released: October 2011
Label: Natura Sonoris


oblaky June 27, 2011
“This Balance release is phenomenal. A couple of minutes in and you’ll know that it has been made with genuine heart and love of music, both past and present and that it was put together by someone who understands how powerful music can be in capturing and expressing intangible emotions and timeless qualities, binding the past, the present and the future together into a fleeting moment. The mix offers wonderings into these unique moments as few other releases do.
It’s clear that Henry Saiz understands the potential of a mix cd as the format created for, but going far beyond, the dancefloor experience. The mixes take you on a sonic journey inspired by past wonderings through the shortwave spectrum on old analogue radio sets, nights spent browsing through their miracle world of white noise, exotic languages, mysterious tunes and echoey sounds. These memories are brought to life with present technology, respecting the continuity that underlies all music across genres. You’ll find yourself transfixed and exhillarated with each second, wondering where the mix takes you next.
There are moments to dream to, moments to dance to and moments to zone out to and stare out of the window (ideally, while travelling long distances). Naming highlights in the tracklist or track IDs for reference would be difficult, even pointless, as it would go against the idea behind both sets – to offer a unified listening experience. A quality it shares with similarly mighty Balance 14 by Joris Voorn.
Very few mix cds go close to this one. Buy it while it’s out there. It is the Large Hadron Collider of music particles that yields wondrous results right now.”


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