Pioneer launch a new app to record your dj mixes

DJM-REC app hooks up directly to a compatible mixer via USB…

Pioneer DJ have launched a new app to record your DJ mixes directly onto an iOS device via the mixer’s USB send and return port. DJM-REC, which costs $9,99 (with a 30 days trial period), can remote control the peak limiter on the DJM series meaning the recording will never clip and as it’s recorded via USB, doesn’t require any conversion from analogue to digital so it’s ready to be uploaded, trimmed or streamed live to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Instagram or Snapchat directly from the app.

The application is compatible with the following DJ mixers:
DJM-REC can control the peak limit in a DJM mixer, reducing the amount of clipping in your final recording. 

DJM-REC is available now in the app store.  [bg_collapse view=”link-list” color=”#1e282d” expand_text=”▼” collapse_text=”▲” ]


Simple connection
Install DJM-REC on your iPhone or iPad, then simply plug your device into any DJ mixer*1 featuring digital send/return using a single USB cable. The port is on the top of the mixer rather than the back, so connecting is a breeze even in a smoky club. 
High-quality recording
Control the peak limiter in your DJ mixer via the app and alleviate digital clipping with the tap of a button. Record audio from a digital mixer directly into digital format, eliminating the need for analogue conversion.
Easy sharing
Effortlessly live-stream your mix through YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram and Snapchat and easily upload your creations to cloud services such as Mixcloud, SoundCloud and Dropbox.
Auto time-stamp 
Editable track time-stamps are automatically created thanks to the fader information transmitted from the DJ mixer to the app, making track-list creation simple.
Club-standard sound
Refresh old tracks with powerful club-standard sound that can be easily remastered. Swipe the Loudness slider on DJM-REC to increase audio pressure and smoothly adjust the Sub Bass slider to create punchy, heavy, vibrant bass sounds.
Record analogue
Analogue recording while your device isn’t connected to a mixer is simple using an external microphone with the iPhone or iPad’s microphone function.

[*1] To use DJM-REC with our digital send-return equipped DJ mixers (i.e. the DJM-TOUR1, DJM-900NXS2, DJM-750MK2 and DJM-450), update the mixer’s firmware via our support page []. [/bg_collapse]

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